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Walmart solicits bids for San Ramon store

This summer's rumors have come true as Walmart's construction company began accepting bids for a new Neighborhood Market on Alcosta Boulevard. A pre-bid meeting for potential contractors will be held at the future store on Feb. 8.

Tenant improvement plans for the 4.05-acre lot at 9100 Alcosta Boulevard (inside the Country Club Village Center) were previously approved by the city, though San Ramon officials did not know the identity of the future retailer.

"No one from Wal-Mart (sic) has contacted the City about plans to lease space and open a store in San Ramon. The City learned of the new store by determining that Wal-Mart is now seeking construction bids for the tenant improvements for a Neighborhood Market in San Ramon," city Marketing and Public Relations Analyst Nicole Blazin said in a statement.

The new store will not be a Walmart Superstore, Blazin continued, but will be a standard full service grocery store similar to a Safeway, Lucky or Nob Hill. As a neighborhood market, the store will be significantly smaller in size and focus on groceries; the owner of the building has not proposed any changes to the existing shopping center.

City officials maintain that the Walmart store will meet all city requirements and regulations, including a ban on overnight parking -- which the retail giant is well known for.

"The new store will create approximately 95 new quality jobs in the community. By using currently vacant property, the Neighborhood Market will help re-energize the existing shopping center, draw customers to neighboring businesses, and ultimately give a boost to the local economy," said Delia Garcia, Walmart West's media director.

One group of San Ramon residents are not excited about the new store, however, and are planning on protesting the Feb. 8 meeting. Pleasanton residents protested the opening of another Neighborhood Market on Santa Rita Road in September 2011. The Pleasanton market could open this summer.

"We are upset because first of all we don't like Walmart because they don't treat their employees fairly, they've got a horrible reputation for treating the environment badly and they know what a bad reputation they have," said a neighborhood resident and member of the group San Ramon for Smart Growth. "I'd rather see that site empty. I'd like to see Trader Joes in there or something that had a more healthy bend to it."

The 10-member group distributed 500 fliers to neighbors warning them of the possible store before Walmart or the city made an official announcement. The Smart Growth member, who wished to remain anonymous, said her group fears that Walmart will clear out the other shopping center tenants and evolve into a Super Walmart.

Country Club Village, which also houses CVS and Anytime Fitness, was designed after extensive public input requested a grocery store. The original anchor for the project was a Ralph's grocery store that closed in 2006. After, an independent Asian grocery briefly occupied the space before closing two years ago.

Since then, no other grocery store has expressed any interest in this location and the neighborhood has been without a local grocery store for several years, Blazin added.

"Lucky's is five minutes away, I have no problem going to Lucky. There's a Safeway in the other direction," the resident said, noting that while her group does want a grocery store, "I think it will give the neighborhood…kind of a low-class image."

According to an advertisement in Dodge Project Center, alteration construction bids are due to Walmart later this month. No construction timeline has been determined.


Posted by Dave, a resident of San Ramon
on Feb 4, 2012 at 6:32 am

I think it is great news. Safeway's prices are ridiculously high and Lucky's always seems kind of run-down to me. We need more alternative places to buy groceries. I will still do most of my shopping at Trader Joe's and Costco but plan to give this a try too.

Posted by Longtime Resident, a resident of San Ramon
on Feb 5, 2012 at 1:31 pm

So, a store that's been vacant for 2 years with no other interest is more attractive?

Posted by Renae Wilber, a resident of San Ramon
on Feb 5, 2012 at 4:02 pm

I find this so sad that the City (esp. Greg Rogers) vehemently denied any knowledge of a Walmart Grocery going in this space, after I shared that Greg Rogers, our City Manager, had specifically leaked this to me at the Art and Wind Festival. He denied publicly that he ever told me this, and who is one to believe, a mere resident, or the City Manager? They lied and they denied and now...glad there is new blood in town and hope they will be more forthcoming about City Projects, regardless of the debates they may lead to. This is OUR City and we deserve to be in the know, regardless of our opinions on the matter.

Posted by Ms. Bunny, a resident of San Ramon
on Feb 6, 2012 at 8:59 am

OHdearGod, Say it isn't SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Right in the middle of residential???? Are they crazy??????????? Ugh. Talk about trashing-up San Ramon, what can they be thinking? Ah, that's right, I keep forgetting!!!!

It's so become about the money and not quality of life. A market is fine...a store that sells EVERYTHING like a Costco or "Big box" right here?

Ad nauseum. If it doesn't bring real crime and campers camping out? I'll be surprised...What a travesty of an idea to entertain in this old Kodak/Albertson's/Asian Market location!

Posted by Lynn, a resident of Dublin
on Feb 6, 2012 at 10:55 am

HALLELUJAH! Just try owning a home in this area of town with your closest option being downtown dublin's Safeway....The Dublin Safeway parking lot is worse than Costco and shopping at that store is a nitemare! Shelves are torn through, its like Fallujah on the inside and a quick run to that store is a 35 minute affair!

Our neighborhood would gladly take any clean, well managed mini-grocery store in a heartbeat. The Asian market did not survive cause it was not clean, in fact filthy, and the shelves contained products from third world countries no one could identify or understand how to cook.

WalMart represents the good ole USA so I say bring it on, make it nice, and we will shop there!! I love the commments about "trashing up" the community. Its San Ramon folks, get real, its not south central LA! Who is the smart growth group and where the heck are they shopping, oh yeah Whole (Paycheck) Foods I suppose? They are out of touch with lower-middle class families who need milk and eggs and diapers in their neighborhoods!

I say WalMart Works, cause an empty building for 3 years is what's trashing up our neighborhood. Jobs and a thriving shopping center with a grocery store makes good sense!

Posted by Debbie, a resident of San Ramon
on Feb 6, 2012 at 10:59 am




Posted by Barbara, a resident of San Ramon
on Feb 6, 2012 at 1:52 pm

I agree with Debbie! TREADER JOES needs a center where there is decent parking! I have thought this for years. Why not TRADER JOES?

It is a perfect location and we'd all be winners!

Posted by SR Resident, a resident of San Ramon
on Feb 6, 2012 at 2:23 pm

Typical fear mongering by the Smart Growth for San Ramon people who have been spreading misinformation about the project and about the City's ability to have any say about what goes in the vacant box. The owner's of the property have the right to re-tenant their building based on the same terms and conditions that it was entitled with in the first place so long as they are not proposing any major building changes, like expansion or re-build. THE BUILDING WAS BUILT FOR A GROCERY STORE AND IS PROPOSED TO BE OCCUPIED BY A GROCERY STORE!!! Am I missing something here??

The tenant will be a Walmart concept but is not a Supercenter, rather a concept called Neighborhood Market. Google it and look at the pics of the interior...not bad. Certainly better than the Le Asia disaster and frankly probably better than the old Ralphs and Albertsons. These people need to wake up and face the fact that this is America and they don't get to pick and choose tenants they like and don't like. Every other tenant, including Trader Joe's, has said no until now.

Bottom line is the center is totally failing and the building inside looks like a bomb went off. It will get worse. Its likely CVS will close in the future. The store is too big and doesn't do enough volume to keep it open long term. With that the other tenants will fail and then its a dark old commercial project that will sit for years like the old First Interstate building down the street. The housing market is not strong enough to tear this down and re-build and for those of us who live here don't we want this commercial center? The grocery options in South San Ramon are woeful, Lucky is weak all around, Nob Hill is overpriced and small and Safeway in Dublin is packed. Its time for this center to get a grocery store again, even if its owned by Walmart.

Posted by resident, a resident of San Ramon
on Feb 6, 2012 at 2:30 pm

For those of you who keep asking "Why not Trader Joe's"?

Because they have repeatedly said no. Can't force a company to open where they don't want to. The site is not busy enough for a Trader Joes. They like to be in very busy centers. Has everyone taken a look at the center lately? the parking lots are nearly empty except for clusters of cars by the few remaining businesses. Certainly not very impressive for a retailer like Trader Joe's.

You can keep on dreaming about Joe but he ain't opening a store here...sorry.

Posted by Bob P, a resident of another community
on Feb 6, 2012 at 3:06 pm

SR Resident, you are missing something. You don't have the proper mindset to think like a 'no growth' proponent. This is the mindset that defies logic and common sense, sees conspiracies in every decision and expects no changes to be made without the consent and concurrence of every individual in the city.

Before everyone gets all in a tizzie about my statement, relax. My tongue is firmly in my cheek. However, some of what I say is accurate. Not too long ago a group caused a big ruckus about 'housing' on the Royal Vista golf course. Flyers were distributed, people were mobilized, petitions were circulated, disinformation was abundant, emotions ran high. I suspect the same people who mongered the fear back then is doing the same thing now.

This seems to be a good fit for this location. It complies with previous uses and fits the zoning. Years ago we turned down Cosco, and it went in on Fostoria way. Danville gets the tax revenue and we get the traffic and infrastructure impacts. Do we want that again?

Like Roz, if you don't like Walmart, don't shop there!

Posted by South San Ramon Resident, a resident of San Ramon
on Feb 6, 2012 at 3:17 pm

One correction in article, Ralphs was not the original anchor, rather it was Albertson's. When Lucky's and Alberton's merged they closed the Country Club store and were forced by the Feds to offer the Country Club location, and quite a few other locations, to a competitor. At the time Ralphs was making a push into Northern California so they took it. Ralphs failed up here and closed their stores.

So it was originally a large grocery company that sold to a large grocery company that is now being looked at as a grocery store by a large company. Whats the issue...just get it open and start selling groceries again. T

Posted by Bill, a resident of San Ramon
on Feb 7, 2012 at 6:20 am

I would rather see a Trader Joes than a Walmart. But I'd rather see a Walmart than an empty store.

Posted by Long time Resident, a resident of San Ramon
on Feb 7, 2012 at 7:57 am

Can't wait for the new store to open! Too much "slow growth" often leads to "no growth". We need businesses!! As far as I'm concerned it can't happen soon enough!! How long does this area have to suffer with empty buildings and shopping centers resembling ghost towns. If Safeway, Lucky, and other grocers are so concerned about the business practices of Walmart...they should have opened a store at the Alcosta site. Instead... they were as silent as the empty parking lots and vacant store fronts at the Alcosta Center.

Let's move forward ASAP!!

Posted by Harry S. , a resident of San Ramon
on Feb 7, 2012 at 9:00 am

I agree. Neighborhood Market, or whatever they call it is better than a vacant building. Ms. Bunny, if you wouldn't want a grocery store in a shopping center near a residential neighborhood, exactly where would you want it? Your post was really wild; campers camping out? For what: $2.99 a gallon milk.

Posted by Westerner, a resident of San Ramon
on Feb 7, 2012 at 9:55 am

The Safeway-Knob Hill-Lucky cartel is overpriced. I welcome competition.

Posted by mando, a resident of San Ramon
on Feb 7, 2012 at 2:54 pm

No WALMART they pay low wages to their workers,we allready have a target store down the road.COME WED the 8th to express your self 9100 alcosta 10AM...

Posted by Longtime Resident, a resident of San Ramon
on Feb 7, 2012 at 4:08 pm

That's great Mando, I bet Walmart pays higher wages than a vacant store, right?

Posted by Dave not the other dave, a resident of San Ramon
on Feb 7, 2012 at 5:30 pm

We miss you Bob P. Come back home.

Posted by Ms. Bunny, a resident of San Ramon
on Feb 8, 2012 at 8:58 am

Harry, wasn't aware I said I didn't want "another market" in this ORIGINAL building built and owned by KODAK folks...

I explicitedly stated PLEASE not a WALMART that sells anything and everything - a BIG "box" store.

Get it? I shopped at the Albertson's for years...Knew Asian market wasn't going to last long, unfortunately.

But I remain opposed to a Walmart wherein the parking lot will ultimately be occupied by Winnebagos and motorhomes no doubt, judging from the others I've frequented, in Plesanton and the East Bay right on up to Talent, Oregn.

Eeggadds. Apparently? Some here don't understand the difference between a BIG BOX and neighborhood market

Oh well...

Posted by SSRamon Resident, a resident of San Ramon
on Feb 8, 2012 at 8:59 am

From here in south San Ramon: When is will it be opening? Can't wait!

Posted by Bob P., a resident of another community
on Feb 8, 2012 at 9:22 am

Bunny, we are talking about the old "Lucky's" market site correct? Was that a 'big box'? NO, soooooooo, if this Wal Mart neighborhood grocery store is going into the SAME LOCATION ( not making the existing building any bigger) it's not a BIG BOX. Right?

I would love to understand the basis of your argument regarding the big box being built. My small simple mind needs help with this.

Posted by SR Resident, a resident of San Ramon
on Feb 8, 2012 at 9:27 am

I don't want a Walmart of any kind in San Ramon. I am morally against Walmart. As others have mentioned, they have a horrible reputation for treating employees poorly, shortening hours so they are not eligible for health benefits, they fly under the radar because they know so many people (who are paying attention) abhor them and what they stand for. WHAT WE ARE MISSING HERE IS THE MUCH BIGGER PICTURE. The biggest problem we have is that our city council, mayor, manager and planner lied to us. They have an agenda to grow San Ramon at a much faster and dangerous rate than reasonable. I am all for increasing revenues for the city, but it has to be done with thought and MOST IMPORTANTLY - WITH INPUT FROM THE CITIZENS. They have known all along that the tenant was Walmart - see another comment above where someone said a city official disclosed this fact to them at the Art and Wind festival. I have also been told by another individual that someone disclosed to him (after the election) that they know it is Walmart. The city was asked multiple times via email to let the public know about this project. But they did not. This is all documented. Another "coincidence" is the timing of their disclosure. It came the day after a document was shown to them showing that Walmart is the tenant. I think if we hold out for a better quality store, it will in the long run benefit this area of town. Trader Joe's has said no in the past, but it worth another try which I will do. Another comment was that they thought CVS would be out of business soon anyway. Well, Walmart will fast forward that project and guess what, then we have simply traded one empty space for another. . .prime for Walmart to expand their presence. They are famous for this type of behavior. I don't know what misinformation one of the respondents is referring to, but would welcome that information.

Posted by Harry S. , a resident of San Ramon
on Feb 8, 2012 at 10:06 am

Folks- its going to be a grocery store. Period. if you are morally opposed to Walmart or any of its franchises, including Neighborhood Market, then follow your conscience and don't shop there. It's like TV. I am oppossed to alot of programming so I choose, and my family chooses to not subscribe to certain channels. its a free country.

There will not be a public comment or a council decision or anything like that because, as was stated in the article, the building is not being expanded and the use, grocery, is already an approved use. The landowner has chosen to lease to Walmart.

Again, I prefer a Trader Joe's but the company has stated REPEATEDLY, they have no desire to open in San Ramon. So screw them. They don't want to open in my hometown, then I won't go to wherever to buy their stuff.

It's a free market economy, I respect anyone's decision to hate Walmart. But they are coming and I prefer that to empty spaces.

Posted by Bob P, a resident of another community
on Feb 8, 2012 at 10:11 am

SR Resident (too bad you can't come out from behind the cloak of anonymity). Let me address your rant point by point.

1) I don't want a Walmart of any kind in San Ramon. I am morally against Walmart. As others have mentioned, they have a horrible reputation for treating employees poorly, shortening hours so they are not eligible for health benefits, they fly under the radar because they know so many people (who are paying attention) abhor them and what they stand for.

- So what! If I don't like the way a store treats workers I don't shop there. If there is a picket line up I choose not to cross it. That's just me. When I was on the Planning Commission I made decisions based on the law and what was best for the community as a whole, NOT ME!! Get over yourself and get off your moral high horse.


- Isn't that rich.

3) The biggest problem we have is that our city council, mayor, manager and planner lied to us. They have known all along that the tenant was Walmart.

- Sometimes during the course of a business negotiation/transaction it is in the best interest of the parties to not disclose the inner workings of the deal. This is to protect both parties interests. You might note that there is a place on the City Council agenda for "Closed Sessions". I suggest you study up and find out what that means.

4) Trader Joe's has said no in the past, but it worth another try which I will do.

- You are going to ask Trader Joes to move into that spot? What has changed to make them now say yes?

5) Well, Walmart will fast forward that project and guess what, then we have simply traded one empty space for another. . .prime for Walmart to expand their presence.

- I love this 'crystal ball' approach to fear mongering. There is ONE vacant spot ( A big one) currently that can be filled. Decisions on that spot can't be made based on assumptions of future vacancies. No wait, there is another 'vacant spot' that needs filling, but I won't go there...


Posted by James von Halle, a resident of San Ramon
on Feb 9, 2012 at 7:35 am

Where were the complainers when Le Asia Market moved in? What do you think Le Asia was paying the coolie labor that they employed?
Since Kodak left it has always been some sort of grocery store. What's the alternative a car dealership, a bowling alley, a mortuary?
Would the four protesters with nothing better to do approve of those choices?

Posted by Ms. Bunny, a resident of San Ramon
on Feb 9, 2012 at 8:25 am

Yes Bob you do (need help, that is) I don't consider a store like TJ's or Whole Foods or even a Sprouts as OVER-SIZED markets carrying not only food, but EVERY sundry under the sun.


Posted by Harry S. , a resident of San Ramon
on Feb 9, 2012 at 8:35 am

This might make Jim Gibbon feel better; but probably not :)

Sustainability Facts
At Walmart, sustainability continues to make us a better company by reducing waste, lowering costs, driving innovation, and helping us fulfill our mission to save people money so they can live better. We take a comprehensive, 360-degree view of sustainability to include both environmental and social commitments around the world. Sustainability lives in every corner of our business and guides our decisions based on improving the environment, supply chain and communities where we operate and source.
In April 2011, Walmart released the latest Global Responsibility Report, highlighting our social and environmental responsibility efforts and our continued progress toward key initiatives and goals.
In 2005, we set three broad sustainability goals.
To be supplied 100% by renewable energy

In 2010, we saw a 65% improvement in U.S. truck fleet efficiency when compared to our 2005 baseline. Last year, we delivered 57 million more cases while driving 49 million fewer miles.

Walmart is the first retailer to look at greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) in our supply chain on a global scale, pledging to eliminate 20 million metric tons of GHGs by the end of 2015 – the equivalent of removing 3.8 million cars from the road for a year.

In 2010, we installed LED lighting systems in the parking lots and outdoor areas of more than 350 of our stores throughout Central America. These systems are expected to reduce energy consumption by 50% and CO2 emissions by 540 tons.
To create zero waste

We have eliminated more than 80% of the waste that would go to landfills from our operations in California, and our new waste reduction program is being implemented in stores, clubs and distribution centers nationwide.

In the U.K., ASDA successfully redirected 86% of its overall operational waste last year.

In 2010, we reduced the plastic bag waste across our global operations by 47.95 million pounds, or about 3.5 billion bags. This represents a 21% reduction from our 2007 baseline.
To sell products that sustain people and the environment

We've made a global commitment to sustainable agriculture and have pledged to sell $1 billion of food sourced from 1 million small- and medium-sized farmers by 2015. We will also train 1 million farmers – half of whom will be women – in sustainable farming techniques.

Our Tierra Fértil program in Central America has assisted over 2,200 farmers and improved the quality of life for more than 16,600 families by purchasing over $90 million in fruit, vegetables and grains.

We are helping create a global Sustainability Index to evaluate the sustainability of the products we sell, providing customers with transparent information about the quality and history of those products.

For more info on our soon to be neighbor in South San Ramon:

Web Link

Posted by madmilker, a resident of another community
on Feb 9, 2012 at 9:55 am


Web Link

Made In America is the only way out of this mess cause foreign made put US here.

Posted by Renae Wilber, a resident of San Ramon
on Feb 9, 2012 at 10:23 am

I have one question regarding a Walmart Grocery going in. Will they allow overnight "campers" in the parking lot as other Walmarts do? Will the City have any ability to disallow this if Walmart chooses to allow overnight "camping" and if the City does have say in this will the City listen to the community desires if it does in fact become an issue? My personal issue would be the attraction to those who want to live if even temporarily in the parking lot.

Other than that, if we were to "just say no" because of employer status and how they treat their employees, I can make a list a mile long of other retailers we would also have to say no to. In fact, the County itself won't give my position 20 hours a week regularly so that they do not have to accept me onto their medical insurance policy. It's not personal, it's budget cutting. If an employer treats their employees poorly, either boycott or let the courts handle it...I am not all excited about a Walmart going in, but we can make similar arguments with many employers, and not just retailers regarding employee treatment. My issue is the parking lot overnighters....and if I find disgust shopping at Walmart, although I find more disgust in the woman that claims to be American and then bashes a grocery store from a third world Country because SHE can't read the labels...but that's an issue of my disgust for ignorance for a rainy day - in the meantime, most of us don't have enough facts to understand how a Walmart grocery could help or hinder our community. Lastly, if the City has the right to private and closed sessions, then they should keep their sessions private, not leak them to members of the community and then lie when they are called to the table. Isn't that what we do in the second grade? We need to trust our City officials, and lies don't correspond with trust.

Posted by Bob P., a resident of another community
on Feb 9, 2012 at 11:22 am

Bunny, what do YOU consider a 'big box'? It sounds like you define the box by whats INSIDE it, not just the size of the box itself? In my thinking the box is the package not the contents. Does it really matter what the store sells, if the contents fit inside the current building, without an expansion?

Renae, Walmart would not be able to allow overnight parking even if they wanted to. The fact that there is overnight parking in their other locations is due to the fact that the host city doesn't enforce the conditions of approval or existing ordinances. San Ramon has never allowed overnight RV parking in any parking lot at any store.

And Harry, stop presenting facts. You know better.

Posted by Renae Wilber, a resident of San Ramon
on Feb 9, 2012 at 6:34 pm

Thank you Bob, that would probably be my greatest concern -- having the parking lot turned into a campground...I did love shopping at Ralphs when it was there, I found it to be convenient, and I would give Walmart a try also.

Something needs to be in that space and I believe that unless it's a Trader Joes, part of the community is going to find fault in it no matter what it is. I feel personally what it comes down to is "San Ramon" fearing the reputation of Walmart shoppers more than anyone caring about how their employees are treated. God forbid we get some real diversity in the neighborhood and ruin our Stepford reputation. Newsflash: The real money isn't in San Ramon so lets get over ourselves. That space needs to be filled...the City needs the money and hiding behind concern over how Walmart treats their employees is transparent and lame. Betcha that wasn't a concern the last time any one of us went to a fast food establishment. Sans the campers, or any REAL concerns, Walmart has my vote...not that I have one.

Posted by madmilker, a resident of another community
on Feb 10, 2012 at 7:20 am

less than 5% foreign....

but look at where it be at...

Web Link

doesn't give much hope at the other 182 countries that make stuff to have a chance in putting their items in a Wal*Mart there...

does it....

Posted by Harry S., a resident of San Ramon
on Feb 10, 2012 at 8:55 am

I've called South San Ramon my home since 1999 and our family loves everything about the "older" part of San Ramon. I miss the old Ralph's as well, remeber they had wine tasting? Neighborhood market will actually be a nicely presented storefront. This hulabaloo about campers or RV's is not a real concern. Pleasonton has a full fledged Walmart at 108,000 sq. ft. The space being renovated is 55,000 sq. ft. I have heard that Chase bank would find the Blockbuster site appealing. This area of South San Ramon needs a healthy retail center. Leaving vacant should not be an option and other have stated it well: If there are no other takers than why shouldn't Walmart be accepted as an alternative. I'm sure they will make their grocery deliveries just like Safeway or Lucky's and the hours of operation will be similiar as well.

There are 3 entrances into the shopping center and two street lights close by. Traffic will be no more problomatic that when Ralphs was there. Crime happens when you have empty store fronts that turn into staging areas for grafitti and loitering.

From their site:

Walmart Neighborhood Markets offer a quick and convenient shopping experience for customers who need groceries, pharmaceuticals, and general merchandise all at our famous Every Day Low Prices.

First opened in 1998, there are now 167 Walmart Neighborhood Markets, each employing about 95 associates. A typical store is about 42,000 square feet.

Walmart Neighborhood Markets feature a wide variety of products, including:

•Fresh produce
•Meat and Dairy products
•Frozen foods
•Dry goods and staples
•Health and beauty aids
•Stationery and paper goods
•Drive-through pharmacy
•Deli foods
•Bakery items
•Canned and packaged goods
•Condiments and spices
•Pet supplies
•Household supplies
•One-hour photo center

Posted by Renae Wilber, a resident of San Ramon
on Feb 10, 2012 at 12:59 pm

Good post Harry, but I would hardly describe the concern that many of us have of overnight campers as hulabaloo, as it is in fact a very real concern since Walmart typically allows overnight campers in their parking lots, and many campers enjoy being able to pull off on the freeway and spend the night for free in a Walmart parking lot. So, please don't dismiss our concerns as calling it hulabaloo, I don't think any concern is hulabaloo. These are real concerns that should be addressed to the community...and with honesty. Renae Wilber

Posted by Renae Wilber, a resident of San Ramon
on Feb 10, 2012 at 1:06 pm

Too tired to keep driving to your next destination? Want to stay in a Walmart parking lot for FREE? Here's your 2011 guide to over 4,000 Walmart parking lots that you too can stay at overnight. Just shop Walmart while you're there for all your traveling needs!

Oh,and by the way...who's going to enforce this City ordinance at 3:00 a.m. when the campers are pulling in regularly?

Web Link

Posted by Bob P, a resident of another community
on Feb 10, 2012 at 2:32 pm

Renae, have you seen a sea of RV's parked in any parking lot at any shopping center in San Ramon? And by characterizing Wal Mart as 'allowing' RV camping in 'their' parking lots you perpetuate the misconception that Wal Mart controls the use of sharing parking lots within shopping centers. That is not true.

As I stated in my previous post, I suspect the reason there are RV's parked in the Pleasanton lot has more to do with the city itself not monitoring the lot. I personally have never seen RV's parked in WalMart lots anywhere else. Anyway, do you frequent Pleasanton at 3 a.m. on a regular basis?

Posted by DianaA, a resident of San Ramon
on Feb 11, 2012 at 11:49 am

California Community Impact

Real Estate
As of October 31, 2011 (End of Q3), Walmart's presence in California includes:
Supercenters: 78
Discount Stores: 102
Neighborhood Markets: 0
Sam's Clubs: 33
Distribution Centers: 7

Average store size (national average)
Supercenter: 185,000 sq. ft. with approx. 142,000 items
Discount Store: 108,000 sq. ft. with approx. 120,000 items
Neighborhood Market: 42,000 sq. ft. with approx. 29,000 items
Sam's Club: 132,000 sq. ft. with approx. 5,500 items

As of October 31, 2011 (End of Q3), the total number of Walmart associates in California is 73,733.
As of October 31, 2011 (End of Q3), the average wage for regular, full-time hourly associates in California is $12.69 per hour (Walmart Discount Stores, Supercenters, and Neighborhood Markets). Additionally, eligible associates receive an annual incentive based on the company performance.
Associates that contribute to the 401(k) Plan will receive a dollar for dollar match from Walmart of up to 6 percent of pay.

In FYE 2011, Walmart spent $21,942,455,652.00 for merchandise and services with 3,581 suppliers in the state of California.  As a result of Walmart's relationship with these suppliers, Walmart supports 215,430 supplier jobs in the state of California.
Supplier figures provided by Dun & Bradstreet.

Taxes and Fees
Walmart collected on behalf of the state of California more than $961.6 million in sales taxes in FYE 2011.
Walmart paid more than $180.3 million in state and local taxes in the state of California in FYE 2011.

Community Involvement
In 2010, Walmart stores, Sam's Club locations and the Walmart Foundation gave more than $29.1 million in cash and in-kind donations to local organizations in the communities they serve in the state of California.  Through additional funds donated by customers, and Walmart and Sam's Club associates throughout the state, the retailer's contributions in California totaled more than $32.5 million.

Posted by James D, a resident of Dublin
on Feb 22, 2012 at 6:13 pm

Yeah I know I live in Dublin but I live on Davona by the high school. I welcome a grocery store there no matter what brand it is. I'm thinking that parking lot is not big enough for RVers. But I know one thing..... there is a lot of empty stores/buildings/offices around and it seems like it's getting worse.
Give it a chance. Where are these "bad" people gonna come from that doesn't already have a walmart or other discount store near their homes? It will bring jobs and foot traffic to the other business's in that complex. If you are a walmart hater then don't shop there plain and simple.....

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